We Provide Connectivity to IoT all over Brazil

Sigmais is a technology company focused in the IoT market, with Head Quarter in Vitoria – Brazil, providing solutions in main cities in Brazil as well as on some countries in Latin America. Our core business is to develop solution to the IoT market, adding value to the connectivity services.

Basically, IoT applications has the following structure:


• Full device development, hardware and firmware
• Fully equipped laboratory
• Low cost devices, low power consumption
• LOKA devices distributor in Brazil


• WND / Sigfox Channel Partner
• Combined technologies such as LoRa, BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy, 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi


• Plataforma multi dispositivos.
• Cloud / nuvem.


• App dev team
• Customized solutions
• Web and mobile app

Sigmais is fully capable to provide complete solutions, from the device itself development and production up to the final user app, according to the customer needs.

Our Products

Having in mind the search for innovative solutions that makes peoples life easier, we have the following business lines:

Outdoor parking lot sensing providing status acquisition of parking space, through Sigsystem platform to the user app.

• Time of operation configurable
• Remote setup
• Keep alive transmission
• Local or remote detection algorithm
• App integration via API REST / Web socket / Callback


Asset and sensing solution, to monitor parameters of compressors, generators and other machines.

• Asset hour meter, local and remote
• Remote setup
• Keep alive transmission
• Local or remote detection algorithm
• Battery level detection
• Local temperature detection
• App integration via API REST / Web socket / Callback


Sigmais is distributor of LOKA device in all Brazil territory. LOKA is a company based in UK and Portugal. Also, Sigmais provides technical support and customization services, according to customer specific needs.
Loka is a low-cost device and low pawer energy with main application the positioning of things. Also has an accelerometer and temperature sensors. Web platform is cloud based.

• Indoor and outdoor positioning
• Geofence feature
• High sensitive movement sensor (accelerometer)
• Real time notifications
• Temperature range detection
• Cloud based platform for device management
• App integration via API


Sigmais if offering IoT platform. Our backend platform has ultra-high processing capacity, capable of processing millions of devices. Some features of the platform:

• High capacity server
• Fully compatible with several networks: Sigofx, LoRa, GPRS, BLE and others
• API Rest / Web socket / Callback
• APP and Frontend integration

Customized solutions:

Sigmais is also providing fully customized solutions according to the needs fo the customer and projects. These solutions has the following activities:

• Problem to be solved identification
• Project development, from the device up to the network conception
• Project implementation
• Device development and production
• Web and Mobile App development and implementation


We have the following strategical partners and customers, attesting our commitment with the delivery of fully customized solutions.