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Energy Efficiency with IoT

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the greatest technological advances in recent times, precisely because it is an adaptable technology that can contribute to various sectors of society, optimizing processes in order to make them faster, more accurate and often simplified. .

The primordial concept associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) comes from the ability of equipment to communicate, reporting exact information about its state and operation. By connecting these devices to everyday objects, these become intelligent objects.

Nowadays, in addition to being in the age of technological revolutions, there is also a lot of talk about sustainable development and the various care that human beings need, and must, take with the environment, which brings to light the importance of doing more with less (which is an important point that IoT manages to bring).

As digitalization and automation initiatives around the world increase, so does concern about the consumption of a natural resource that is essential for these advances to continue happening: electric energy. And it is this concern that leads more and more corporations to seek an efficient and functional form of production.

This has increased the search for technology solutions that act in this direction and also smart management practices, which combined, bring exponential results to various segments, such as health, retail, industries, shopping malls and Smart Cities. This search is also strongly related to cost reduction.

How IoT helps energy efficiency

The great thing about IoT comes from the exact data it provides. The easy and simple installation of measuring devices (standalone and with long battery life) in existing equipment allows them to report on conditions of energy consumption, pressure, temperature, uptime or downtime, among other information relevant to the your business or industry.

As data comes in, you can get accurate reports and a real-time historical view of how your systems operate, which helps you monitor the operation of individual devices and control anomalous behavior that could signal impending problems or even inefficiency in the operation of certain equipment.

This early access to data, which is a key part for the efficient operation of your business, enables predictive and preventive maintenance, in addition to making possible suggestions that improve the combinations and values ​​of manipulable process variables, which increase the energy efficiency of the equipment, reducing waste.

More than identifying opportunities for optimizing consumption, solutions such as those offered by Sigmais automatically detect anomalies, making recommendations for adjustment, monitor circuits, control the temperature and humidity of environments, temperature of equipment and the opening and closing of doors. In addition, they assist in meeting goals, provide reports with accurate and up-to-date data, and make it possible, through integration with automation systems, to turn equipment on and off remotely and automatically.

Which business segments can benefit from IoT

The Internet of Things is already used in several sectors that seek to optimize their processes and increase their energy efficiency, since, when a process is automated, factors such as time, labor, costs and energy expenditure are drastically reduced. As already mentioned, some of these sectors that can benefit are: shopping malls, industries, corporations, retail, healthcare, Smart Cities, among others.

In fact, technology is a very present tool in everyone's day-to-day, and today, it is almost impossible to live without it. With the constant market updates, it is very important to always be aware of what is happening so that your business has the best of current technology and achieves better and better results.

For this, count on the help of Sigmais solutions with autonomous IoT devices. We have a team of experts prepared and ready to help you find the best solution for your needs. Visit our website and learn about the solutions we have available!

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