Área do Cliente
Autonomous device, with a solution for monitoring the occupation of vacancies or occupations of different positions (indoor or outdoor).

• Informs the occupancy status of vacancies in real time
• Informs the occupancy level in yards or parking lots
• Informs the total occupancy time in each vacancy
• Enables a cross between billed amounts x actual occupancy
• Enables a historical analysis of seasonality (workforce scheduling)
IoT device to monitor occupancy status of parking spaces, or occupations of different positions, allowing:
• Two operating times for data transmission.
• Monitoring of internal battery voltage.
• Reading of the equipment's internal temperature.
• The action of an adaptable algorithm with remote configuration of its parameters, for a fine adjustment of its operation.
Technical Specifications
• Operation on the SIGFOX™ network
• Multizone Operation (RCZ2 and RCZ4)
• RH operating range: 0 to 100%
• Measures: 193.5 x 30mm On the Surface
• Operating Temperature °C: –25 to +85 °C
• Configuration for detection during working hours
• Transmission operation verification
• Battery level monitoring
• Local temperature monitoring
• Easy integration via REST / Websocket / Callback API
• Configuration for transmissions in two different working times
• Various operating configurations
Radio Frequency
• Tx output power up to +24 dBm
• Rx Sensitivity: -128 dBm
• Bands
  • 902.2-920.8 MHz
• Modulation
  • GFSK
• Data Rate: 100bps ou 600bps
• Tx output power up to +22.5 dBm
• Rx Sensitivity: -129 dBm
• Antenna: Internal, External
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