Área do Cliente
Autonomous device, with IoT solution for monitoring the use of equipment and motorized machines through vibration recognition.

• Enables detection of anomalies or overload in equipment/machines
• Enables predictive maintenance (according to manufacturer's vibration metrics)
• Identifies equipment operating out of regular working hours or unnecessarily
• Reduces energy consumption and labor cost
• Increases the useful life of equipment/machines
• Hour meter, location (Sigfox Geolocation), ambient temperature
• Integration with FSM
IoT device that monitors the number of times the equipment has been in operation and the total operating time of this equipment.
• Allows monitoring of internal battery voltage.
• Can be configured for broadcast per event or time slots.
Technical Specifications
• Operation on the SIGFOX™ network
• MONARCH function for Sigfox network
• Humidity sensor relative accuracy, ± 3% RH (max), 0–80% RH
• Accuracy of the internal temperature sensor in the range of –55 to 125 °C: ±0.4 °C (max)
• RH operating range: 0 to 100%
• Measurements: 134 x 27.7mm
• Operating Temperature °C: –25 to +85 °C
• Up to two inputs for pulse monitoring and up to two inputs for temperature
• Easy integration via REST / Websocket / Callback API
• Configuration for transmissions in two different working times
• Various operating configurations
Radio Frequency
• Tx output power up to +24 dBm
• Rx Sensitivity: -128 dBm
• Bands
  • 826-958 MHz
  • 904-1055 MHz
• Modulation
• Data Rate: 100bps ou 600bps
• Antenna: Internal, External
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