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Optimal thermal comfort increases happiness 
and mall revenue.
With Sigmais solutions you have standalone low-cost devices to
smart save and increase your profits.
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Check out the benefits of our solutions:
Conscious use of energy with suitable temperature control.
Eliminate manual reading when measuring water, gas and energy, which is prone to erros and fraud.
Have predictive and corrective power in maintenance and monitoring of assets.
Avoid conflicts with shopkeepers regarding thermal comfort and apportionment of water, gas and energy.
IoT for Shopping Centers:
How to reduce costs and make management more efficient
What is the technology
that do we use?
The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the technological revolution that is already happening in the world. It aims to connect items used in everyday life to the world wide web and expand its functionality.
Every day there are more devices and products connected to the Internet and other devices, such as cell phones and smartphones, which makes you have access to everything from wherever you are.
With all this usability and potential in mind, Sigmais brings to life the right devices for every need and environment.
Why to use it?
Sigmais solutions are designed to collect data in an automated way and provide it to you in an organized and assertive way. Thus, it is possible to save time, manpower and resources with procedures that can be optimized with low cost and high efficiency equipment.
Through our autonomous device, with IoT solution to measure temperature and humidity of environments, you have:
Monitoring the thermal comfort of environments;
Emission of legal reports (compliance with Anvisa);
End of perishable food waste;
Reduction in energy, water and gas consumption;
Automated reading process;
Real-time analytics;
Energy efficiency;
Climatic comfort;
Quality control.
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Who we are
Sigmais is a technology company focused on IoT (Internet of Things), with the main objective of developing simple and effective solutions for various problems faced by various market segments.
We collect and analyze important data from environments or equipment to transform them into results that are easy to analyze, in a practical, scalable, simple, efficient and low-cost way. This always provides an optimization and reduction of monthly maintenance and consumption costs.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Alert logs are available on our back-end platform and this information can be consulted/consumed by web services and APIs provided by Sigmais and integrated by customers to platforms that have alarm triggering capabilities.
We can mention the companies, within the business verticals we work, in which our devices are installed to prove the technical efficiency in data collection.
Yes, it is possible. It is necessary to verify possibilities according to the need, to clearly establish the purpose of the POC, which will be the deliverables in the end and what is the possibility of future scale.
From 2 to 5 years, depending on the parameterization of the message sending interval by the devices to the back-end/cloud platform.
Yes. Just contact one of our experts.
Through a pair of wires connected to the device and connected to the pulsed output on energy, gas or water meters.
If the clocks are within a maximum distance of 1.5m* from each other, you can read the measurement of 2 equipment with just 1 device.
There is no need for additional investments with data, nor internet availability. The transmission to the cloud composes the solution of our products.
Devices have multiple sensors that collect data and transmit it to the cloud through an IoT-specific LPWAN network. Our platform, in turn, structures the data that is available for different types of analysis.
If you are looking for more specific information or have any questions, please contact us! We are ready to help you.
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