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Inspiring our customers and employees to achieve results using IoT and data intelligence, in a simple, creative and innovative way.
Making IoT Easy! That's how Sigmais was born, to make IoT technology simple, easy and accessible to everyone! With the idea of simplifying the lives of people and companies, and with great potential, a group of professionals passionate about technology came together with the mission of bringing to the daily lives of people and companies, the transformation of data into accurate and efficient results, for more assertive and agile decision making.
From a bicycle tracking in 2017, and with our own laboratory, we started a great story of creating and developing innovative IoT solutions and got where we are today. We offer autonomous devices capable of collecting, analyzing and delivering important data in real-time, which are essential to solve food safety problems, breakage avoidance and preventive maintenance of machines and urban mobility. It promotes great benefits such as ensuring better business management, or avoiding wastage of resources and loss of equipment.
We were born in Vitória - ES and we are in full expansion, counting on a strong specialized team and working on a hybrid model in several Brazilian states. In addition, we have overcome barriers and gone overseas, bringing IoT technology to companies in an innovative, uncomplicated and dynamic way. Sigmais is providing solutions at different points on the map, to various business verticals such as Malls, Retail, Health, Industries and Smart Cities.
We transform the way our customers analyze data, offering not only a product that is easy to apply and use, but also the opportunity to innovate at scale, without investments in infrastructure and without difficulties. Thus, everyone can be part of today and tomorrow in the world of technology.
Our story continues to be told every day, through each data collected, security generated, and optimized services. This increasingly technological integration guarantees positive results leading our customers to their best versions.
Sigmais is supported by CBL, a company that carries the purpose of promoting the organization and development of cities, helping people and communities to evolve in an efficient and inclusive way.
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Sigmais is recognized for its work with IoT in Brazil. The Internet of Things (IoT) market in Brazil had its main representatives gathered at the ABINC Summit, an event promoted by the Brazilian Association of Internet of Things (ABINC). On the occasion, the winner of the ABINC Best of the Year 2021 was announced. The winning in the Operational Efficiency category established Sigmais as the company that best works with IoT in the country.
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